Saturday, February 25, 2006



when the wind blows
when the nose snores
when the sun rises
when the laughter subsides
when the hand moves
when the eyes twitch
when the music vibrates
when the fingers snap
when the eyes stare

I hate.

Friday, February 24, 2006



The image that stares you in the face may not accurately represent the sentiment behind the projector-- for we all wear masks and costumes that disguise our true selves, resplend with trinkets of what we think others want to see. It's all an amusing, sub-conscious game with no real winners.



Reality hit like the proverbial two-ton brick
Everywhere around me the foggy obvious
And I refused to see
Reality meshes with imagination
Vitality of our dreams kept alive by deception
Instant rush of euphoria
Ebbed by sadness in a blood-stained river
Where is sanity?
My heart explodes into a million pieces
Inside my chest of nails
Real torment
Real torture
Or ecstasy?
Right or wrong, my decision to make.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the distance
A flower blooms
Is that thou love?
Or but a mirage of thine devotion?

Oh, but to feast upon such sweet splender;
Mine tongue doth crave the dawn's sweet nectar
that doth arise with the moon's glow

Upon this wave I rest
The ocean gives me movement
Or is it thou love
That sends me along?


Pain Of Love

Pricked prodded
Impaled and slaughtered
Left to rot
Beneath the cleansing flood
Light gives darkness
Bloated carcass still projects a smile

Nothing to live for
Nothing to hope for
Slit the wrist of purity
To release the demons
That tear at my flesh



Oh, Happy Day!

The image before me
Sets the stars aloft
The sails waif in the wind
Along the journey I am prodded

An oasis awaits me
The sands beckon my soul
Afloat along a wisp of air
Carefree and unafraid

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