Friday, February 18, 2005


The Bald Frog Wigs Out

Once upon a time, there was a bald frog who desperately wanted hair. One day, while shopping at a store supplied by products made by underage laborers from overseas, he spotted a wig that, surprisingly, fit his dome quite well. He threw caution (and finances) to the wind and bought the wig. On his way out of the store, the beauty of the day showered upon him like a fresh April shower- the sun; the slow, dancing clouds; the gentle breeze- a perfect day. A wonderful day to be alive. The frog approached the begining of the parking lot. He stepped, er, hopped down, and seemingly had an extra spring in his hind legs. Yes, it was wonderful to be above ground, thought the frog. Without a care in the world, he proceeded forward, venturing confidently, ready to take on whatever the day may hold, when all of a sudden, a Ford Bronco came whizzing down the lane and SPLAT! flattened the frog like the special at International House Of Pancakes.
The End.

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